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Thanks to Unions

Next time you send your child off to school instead of work, thank a union member.  Every day you don’t have to work 14 to 15 hours for an employer, thank a union member.  If you are making at least minimum wage, thank a union member.  If you receive overtime, vacation pay, sick leave, health care benefits, holidays, thank a union member.
If you receive Social Security benefits or a pension, thank a union member.  If you’re injured, unable to work and receive worker’s compensation, thank a union member.  If your work environment is safe, thank a union member.  If you’re not discriminated against at work, thank a union member.
The gist of Mr. Van Dyke’s article appears to be that we will all be paying more for the proposed Black Hills Energy plant if they use union labor.  Is he advocating that we use cheaper labor, perhaps out of state or imported out of country?
U.S labor unions are a part of history.  Their accomplishments have benefited all of us.  Yes, I feel indebted to them.  I believe that anyone who benefits from even one of the items on the thank-you list should too.
Charlie Hanline
(Printed in the Pueblo Chieftain Newspaper on Sunday, June 13, 2010)